Fun Facts About Chairoikoguma

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Chairoikoguma, likewise called Kogumachan is (since April 7, 2018) the latest pet in the Rilakkuma franchise business, made by San-X.

The name Chairoikoguma (チャイロイコグマ; 茶色い仔熊 / 小熊 chairoi koguma) indicates “a brownish bear cub/ little bear” in Japanese

For appearances, he can be defined having a straightforward layout like that of Rilakkuma’s with shinier eyes, darker hair, a smaller sized stature, and also bear-shaped styles repainted with honey at his base and also feet. He has a shrub of cosy white hair on his upper body and also scents like wonderful honey. You can see fangs when he opens his mouth.
Unlike his good friends, he does not have anything “deluxe like” (either it being a switch, or a zipper), recommending he is a genuine bear.

Korilakkuma fulfilled him while vacationing with Rilakkuma and also Kiiroitori in the Honey Woodland. Chairoikoguma, (or Kogumachan) is normally seen strolling on all fours, even if he can stand right like his companions.

The 4 close friends all climb up the trees with each other, play tag, as well as in some cases have a tendency to run after honey.

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