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Canadian Owned And Operated

We help Canadians receive authentic San-X Rilakkuma plushies, so that they can bring joy to their loved ones. We are the only supplier of Authentic San-X Rilakkuma, Kiiroitori, Korilakkuma, and Chairoikoguma plush toys in Canada, that makes children happy by getting them connected to these lovable Japanese characters. Our mission is to fill every child’s life with good values, joy, and happiness.

The Values

We believe that mainstream media is causing children to be stripped away from good old fashion values. The story of Rilakkuma and the characters involved can be a great source of learning for children to understand some of life’s important values. By introducing children to these characters, we believe that we can help children of this generation become the next generation of leaders.

The stop-motion animation on Netflix’s Rilakkum and Kaoru was us through the daily life of Kaoru, a 25 year old woman who lives a dull life working as an office worker. But everything gets better with the company of her usual plushie roomates; Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori. 

At first, Kaoru seemed to struggle in her life. At times, her personal and work life became overwhelming and she felt trapped. Outsdie of work, she’s all alone living in a rundown apartment. That all came to and end with the arrival of her new plushie friends. Even though her plushie roomates come off as kids, it definitely helps Kaoru relx and have fun in their own little way. The story of Rilakkuma and Kaoru show a glimpse of life that is exists for many, and that even a peacful and mundane life can be exciting and peculiar you make it to be.

Learn To Appreciate Life

Kick back and watch this Netflix special with a big bowl of popcorn.

Relax With Good Thoughts

Rilakkuma teaches us to be relaxed and not stress over life.

Deal With Upredictability

Life can have many challenges and it’s important overcome them.

Life Can Turn Around

Never assume that things will always be the way they are. You never know what wisdom you might receive over time.

People Are Not Perfect

Surround yourself with those who share your values.

Try To Get Better Sleep

Get good sleep with our little Rilakkuma plushies in a nice warm bed.

The Characters


Korilakkuma means "Little Bear" and is a small, toy-like white bear and Rilakkuma's close friend. She also appeared at Kaoru's front door one day and began living with her too.


Kaoru's pet yellow chick. Rather than sleeping and eating like Rilakkuma, Kiioritori has a hard-working nature and loves cleaning.


A soft, toy-like brown bear whose interests are mostly limited to sleeping and eating. He appeared in front of Kaoru's apartment one day and started living with her afterwards.


He is usually seen walking on all fours, even if he can stand up straight like his partners. The four friends all climb the trees together, play tag, and sometimes tend to fight over honey.

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